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Damnit, Clark's penis is going in *something*.

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Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Connecticut, United States of America
I am Te. I am a fangirl. My pretty dog died, but I have a pretty, pretty Princess of a cat.

I crosspost things to my former main journal here, but I may stop at any time. I reblog all sorts of images and *stuff* on my tumblr. I write stuff. And I really hate people who don't use the cut tag.

One thing *I* use the cut tag for (sometimes) is porn. Of which there is a rather fair amount in this journal. /cya-tag

Friending policy: I can't actually keep up with all of the people who are currently on my f-list, so I only rarely add new people to it - since, you know, if you're *on* my f-list, I'm gonna *try* to read you. If you're reading this journal every day and I haven't friended you? You're not actually missing much. I only lock the most personal entries -- and keep in mind, I talk about my *genitals* without a lock -- and the rare few things that are just for *me*, anyway. So.

In terms of friending *me*? Feel free to do it at any point -- you don't have to ask, though if you feel like saying 'hey,' that's fine.

If you're sick of me? Please, feel free to *drop* me at any point. I won't get mad.

Want to know what you can expect from this journal? Go here.

These days, I'm far, far more into DC comics and toons than I am into anything else. I've been thinking about how to put that sort of thing on this page wrt how it all relates to *me*, and I'm still thinking about it. What it comes down to...

There's a seanbaby quote floating around somewhere as follows: "If your comic book geek isn't loudly complaining about something, check carefully – you might have blacked out and killed it." It's completely the truth. My goal, however, is to be a comic *fan*. Which isn't to say I won't loudly and bitterly complain when the circumstances call for it -- I will -- but I like to keep that sort of thing to a minimum.

Mainly by immersing myself only in those aspects of my fandom which, you know, I can *be* fannish about. My life is ugly and painful enough without me laying out money, time, and effort for things which will make it worse. This journal is, for the most part, about fan-*love*. Fan-hate? Is for other people's journals. Any and all efforts y'all make to keep that in mind are thus greatly appreciated.

Spoiler Policy: I'm not a complete spoiler virgin, but I'm *nearly* one. (only a *little* pregnant) Your best bet: If I've talked about a given issue/storyline/whatever, go ahead and let the spoilers fly in the comments (unless I have a note not to do so). If I *haven't*, it's almost certainly because I haven't read it. If you're not sure if I've read something or not, and have spoilery stuff you're just dying to talk about? Ask first. Saves a lot of drama.


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